The Review Of

General Information

What is Eobot? is one of the old-timers in the field of cloud mining. It is one of the first online-based Internet companies that are engaged in offering mining for Scrypt and SHA256 algorithms with over 590 000 active users. The main goal of the company is to allow its customers to experience all the possible benefits of online cryptocurrency mining without any unnecessary worries related to the hardware or electricity expenses.

The company was founded in Los Angeles. It is running since 2013. There is no much information about the company, its background or owners on the website, which is odd taking into account the vast experience and the fact that this service is one of the oldest ones on the market. The company has official accounts on some of the most popular social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter but these pages also do not share any references to the service’s owners, CEO or founders.

The stated address is located in California. However, a thing that all users should pay special attention to is that if you look at the company’s physical address using Google Maps, you will see nothing but a simple storage facility. This could mean nothing. However, each potential customer should be aware of this fact.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Main pros:

  • Convenient website and user-friendly mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Quick payouts
  • Many engaging researches and side projects Cloud SETI

Main cons:

  • Standard content of the website
  • Lack of information regarding the company and its founders
  • Quite expensive fees

What About The User Experience?

One of the main advantages is simplicity. is a convenient and user-friendly website that has very simple design without any distracting animations, images or a vast variety of buttons. Instead, the service’s owners tried to focus their attention mostly on providing bare facts and important data related to their business. There is only one language option – English. However, users who need to choose another language settings are offered to immediately translate the website’s content using Google Translate.

There is also a medical research project. It features a detailed and helpful FAQ section that gives answers to some of the most engaging and interesting questions in a bit sarcastic but still caring and friendly manner. There are a support group and a toll-free line for customers’ queries.

In the FAQ section, the company insists that mining should be used not to get a stable profit but more to have fun and gain unique experience.

The cost of cloud mining activity on this service is set based on the required hash power of the equipment – the price is $0.00021 GH/s per a day for the 4GH/s Antminer S9 miner rig plus a maintenance fee of 34%.

The offered payment methods are convenient. On the company’s website, you can pay for its services using a MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, JCB cards, and bitcoin.

The offered terms seem to be honest and transparent. However, you should be aware of a medium percentage of a fraud risk indicated by the lack of information on the website because if the company hides this type of data, it is a significant sign of unreliability.

What Services Are Provided? provides its clients with contacts of various length. The minimum length of a rental contract is only 24 hours, while the longest offer is 5 years, and the company never stops developing and adjusting to the new trends so their features, as well as equipment, is upgraded regularly.

Eobot is engaged in offering cloud mining solutions for Scrypt and SHA256 algorithms, and both of these algorithms are suitable for generating litecoin and bitcoin. In total, the company offers mining of 21 different cryptocurrencies. You can choose a suitable currency when requesting a payment.

Using an app called MyPool, you can make the hardware rented from to mine your own pool directly, which gives you a possibility to lower the maintenance fee to 0% and get profit in currencies that are not supported by the company.

Eobot is not focused exclusively on cloud mining. It is also running a few additional projects. For example, the Cloud Seti project offers users to rent all the necessary software to explore the space in a search for aliens, and the income from this project mostly goes to charity activities. Another project is medical research.

Most importantly – the company also took care of its customers who prefer using their smartphones rather than a laptop. is available in the app stores for all iOS and Android users!

Final Words

High fees make Eobot affordable not for everyone since it is much more expensive than alternative services with average market rates. A significant advantage is company’s vast experience. However, even many years of existence and successful operation do not hide the fact that the website lacks information about the company’s background. This is a clear sign of possible risks. Without a doubt, all potential users should approach this fact with a share of suspicion just to help you weigh all the pros and cons, and make a wise decision. However, the side projects of are quite interesting.