The Review Of

General Information is a place for people who are looking for effective mining opportunities that offer around-the-clock operation of rigs, instant payouts, and constant profit ensured by a lack of time limitations of the contracts. This company has already gained a certain reputation among mining lovers from all over the world. Currently, the number of its active users reaches 140 000.

The company that has started the Bitsrapid service is located in San Francisco and its owners highlight their onshore registration, showing how much they are proud of this. However, the site does not give any proof of this particular service’s reliability. There are no details about the people who founded the service or own it currently, nor does the website contain valid contact details or physical address of the headquarters or their mining centers. This lack of information is explained by security reasons. However, the service claims that its centers are located all around the world including such countries as Germany, USA, China, and Singapore but they don’t give specific addresses. The number of registration also can’t be found anywhere. This actually seems quite suspicious as it makes you believe that the Bitsrapid company is doing its best to hide this sort of information from its users or maybe they simply have no registration or physical address, which is also a bad sign.

What else can you learn from the site? Discovering the, users also can learn that this company offers a mix of innovational cryptocurrency mining and cloud servicing to give a warranty of better results and respectively profits for its customers.

The site exists for quite a short time. It was created in December 2015. However, despite such a few years of existence, the company claims that the number of their users is more than 140k and their social account on Facebook has over 6k followers. These numbers are quite controversial. Without a doubt, 6 000 followers sound quite suspicious taking into account that the number of their customers is more than 140 000. Therefore, it is possible that Bitsrapid is a fraud. Or it maybe uses the Ponzi scheme.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Main pros:

  • Pleasant registration bonus in a form of 15KH/s hash power given to every user for free
  • Unlimited contracts for cloud mining
  • The company does not charge any fee for maintenance

Main cons:

  • No access to the company’s details
  • High risk of fraud
  • High limit for minimum payment

Overall User Experience

What is the first impression about the website? The site has a nice design. Besides, it is also quite clear, without any unnecessary information. provides the site’s visitors only with clear and concise information regarding the most important points such as a registration procedure or the cost of the services.

The company boasts of its customer support. However, there is even no email provided for contact with them. But users can access an FAQ section with detailed answers to different common concerns that you can face before or after signing up for the services.

A nice bonus is offered in a form of referral program. In fact, many similar services offer their clients pleasant bonuses and additional income for inviting new users to the platform, and Bitsrapid is not an exception. Here you can get 10% profit for every new coming client you invite.

What else should you be aware of? Another important nuance to pay attention to are the search results that you get when typing the name of this service in the Google’s search line because among them you can see some warnings and scam alerts. Some clients claim that they never received payments after registering on this site, while some insist that their mining activities with this company never brought the claimed profit. Thus, we recommend you being careful.

What Services Are Provided?

This company offers you mining for bitcoin, generated using GPUs, however, note that they do not allow you to mine any other coins.

A big plus is a lack of time limitations for contracts. Unlike many other platforms, Bitsrapid does not sell plans with varying time frames, instead, they provide you with lifetime services after you buy a contract, which is an advantage.

One of the main goals of the company is safety. The service features several logotypes of different safety software and insists on its reliability and safety in every answer contained in the FAQ section but there is no proof to these claims.

With a registration every new user receives a bonus. A new client receives 15khs hash power free of charge. This is a pleasant bonus but unfortunately it inspires in a month after you sign up but if you purchase any contract right after the registration, the bonus of free 15KH/s is automatically added to the amount of hash power you bought, which is good.

There is a possibility that Bitsrapid uses a Ponzi scheme. This scheme assumes creating payouts from the money that new users deposit and regardless the fact that the company claims that this scheme is not applied in their business, they do not provide any strong arguments in their favor.

The payment options are limited. The users have no possibility to pay using a credit card or a wire transfer as the platform only accepts payments with bitcoins, which is not too convenient as it means that you will have to buy bitcoin first.