The Review Of Cryptomining Farm

About Service

In this review, we are going to share the information about the platform called, which is an online-based company that provides people with a unique opportunity to invest their money into the high-quality cloud mining with an opportunity of receiving guaranteed and stable earnings. The company provides virtual mining contracts. The payments for the contracts are offered in Bitcoin currency.

Unlike many other websites with doubtful reputations, gives its users many attractive features that include receiving lifetime 50 GHS hash power right after the registration and a possibility to get a guaranteed daily profit. Besides, it is quite simple in use and there is no maintenance, which has made this service highly popular among people from all over the world.

The company is based in Thailand. It is important to highlight that is a legit service with an official registration. The platform started its operation in September 2014 and it keeps growing and developing till today to offer high-quality virtual mining contracts to a bigger number of people interested in it.

The official website does not contain any information about the company or its services, so the only place to find more information about Lifetime Technology online is the company’s official page on Facebook. At the Facebook page, you can also find the contact details of the company. There is are a phone number and physical address. The information provided on the Facebook page also states that although the company has started its blockchain mining operation in 2014, the company itself was founded in November 2008.

What other information can be found? Their account on Facebook also displays the company’s official site at and contains data about the main products. Check their Facebook page for more details.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Key Advantages:

  • Unlimited service offered on the lifetime basis
  • Guaranteed additional 50Gh/s hash rate to every newly registered user
  • Referral bonus (15%)

Key Disadvantages:

  • No details about the services offered on the website
  • The company offers virtual mining instead of bitcoin mining
  • Increased risk of scam caused by the unlimited growth potential

Overall User Experience

The website is nice-looking and simple in use. This ensures good user experience. For higher customer convenience, the company has featured several language options on their site including English, Russian, Chinese, and Thai, which makes it friendly to international users.

As was mentioned earlier, there is no information presented on the site. This is a big disadvantage because a new user will not be able to learn more about the offered services and will only find some general data about mining. However, when it comes to start using the service, everything is simple. To join the company’s users you only need to share some basic information and purchase hash power, and all the following terms are also understandable and simple. Thus, you should not face any problems. However, keep in mind that your account can be blocked if the service spies any suspicious activity coming from it.

In accordance with the majority of the scam checking sites, is in a paying status. However, due to the fact that this site has a no difficulty increase feature, there is a possibility that the company uses a Ponzi scheme in the background in order to have a possibility to make payouts to the old users with the money taken from the new users’ deposits. This question is discussed on many forums.

Offered Services

The company offers cloud mining services to everyone who was looking for such opportunities. The rates of GHS on the websites are virtual mining hash rates. Besides, the company even notifies its users that there is no actual bitcoin ASIC hardware and there is no data regarding what the GHS really are or how it is connected to bitcoin. Often, GHS on this website is referred as just a unit of measurement.

However, there are also many beneficial features. There is a guaranty of income with no increase in difficulty, there is also a fixed rate of the payments (0.0009USDT/1GHS/day) and a promise of 5% increase for 15 years. Where does this income come from? The company claims that it comes from cryptocurrency trading.

A great possibility for new users is a possibility to use a demo account during the 30-day trial period, which is a great opportunity to see how everything works and decide whether this platform suits your needs or not. However, you should be careful with it! After your trial period ends, you are required to purchase at least 20GHS. Therefore, if you feel like you do not want to use this service, make sure that you cancel your subscription before the trial period expires because otherwise, you will have to waste your money on buying the minimum required hash rate.

There are many different plans offered. The shortest one is 3 months long, while the longest one is purchased for 15 years, and there is even a possibility for a lifetime contract under certain circumstances. The promised benefit within the first 3 months is 130%.

There is also a great referral bonus. The referral program allows you to get an additional income of 15% from the total purchases of the people you invite in the case if they are purchasing from 10 to 1000 GHS. Besides, there is an opportunity for even a bigger reward in the case if the invited friend buys more than 1000 GHS from the company. These are great terms for referrals.

As soon as you create an account, you are guaranteed to get 50 GHS free of charge, which is ensured by the company in order to show people that their business is authentic and can give you much more than was promised earlier.

There are also several options for purchasing mining power on including Unitcoin and bitcoin.