2018 Review on a cloud mining service – Hashing24

Hashing24 | Review of the cloud bitcoin mining service

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, then you will definitely get some use out of our extensive hashing24 review. Find out how it works, advantages and disadvantages of this service, as well as how you can benefit from it.

What is Hashing24?

Hashing24 is a service that gives users an opportunity to conduct cloud-based mining by renting BitFury equipment. During all of its existence, this company has focused not on popularizing its brand, but creating reliable partnerships with market leaders so the question whether hashing24 scam or legit is rather irrelevant. The most important partnership for this platform is that with a leader in the production of equipment for mining (ASIC), a company named BitFury. To get started, you need to sign up at their official website.

How Does It Work?

The company positions itself as the simplest and most convenient option for obtaining new Bitcoins along with the Genesis platform. So when faced with “hashing24 vs genesis mining” comparison, you can give your preference to either.

Their project team is confident that Bitcoin is a new era in the history of cryptocurrency. The cost of 1 BTC has increased significantly in recent years and today is the best moment to join this billion worth industry. How does whole process actually work?

  1. Create an account online (it takes less than 2 minutes to do);
  2. Choose a required amount of capacities. The more powerful equipment you choose, the more bitcoins you can get.
  3. Sign a legal contract.
  4. Wait for your request to be processed.
  5. You receive bitcoins daily, which are ready for use.


Hash24 provides its users with an exclusive opportunity to purchase capacities. However, these capacities are not combined into specific packages but are bought in an amount that is necessary for a user. As for cost, every 100 Gh / s costs a user $ 68.5, but a user will have to pay $ 0.00033 every day, as a service charge, which will be charged off your mined bitcoins.

But, that’s not all. When renting capacities, you conclude a contract for a period of 36 months, which means that by investing in capacities, you get yourself a business for at least three years.

Before you invest your real money, you need to check what kind of income you can get using Hashing24. To do this, their development team has created such a tool as a hash24 mining calculator. With the help of this tool, you will be able to accurately calculate the profitability of using this service.

In the calculator window, you can see the difficulty of mining at the moment, the size of the reward for the block and the current Bitcoin rate. However, that is not all. You can set the settings, and choose the capacity of the equipment rented, increase the difficulty of mining and change the price of Bitcoin. These functions will help you more correctly predict the profitability of your future business.

How To Start With Hashing24

For the most dubious users, the team provided a unique opportunity – Demo Mining.

After going through an easy registration process, you can “try” to rent equipment, and look at the entire process of this service. To do this, you will need to go to your personal account and choose the Demo Mining option.

The next stage of registration is similar to the real purchase of capacities. You only need to select the amount of equipment, and that is it.

After you decide to get yourself real capacities, you can purchase leased equipment through Bitcoin, Visa / Master Card or a bank transfer. The platform accepts USD and EUR, which is very convenient.

General Conclusion

As you can see, Hashing24 is an amazing platform for individuals looking for a reliable service that would enable them to mine cryptocurrency. It has been on the market for many years and is now the leader in the sphere.

This concludes our review of this cloud-based mining service. If you have any questions regarding this hashing 24 review, we are here to answer them. If you are interested in the service, make sure to try it out especially since there are some hashing24 promo code available online!