Genesis mining | A 2018 review of the best cloud mining provider

Genesis Mining | Legit 2018 Review

What Is Genesis Mining?

Genesis Mining is a profitable project that allows you to make investments into cloud-based cryptocurrency without the need to create a GPU or ASIC farm. Even with a small capital, an investor puts money in the platform and receives a stable, additional income. When getting a contract, the investor becomes a tenant, as they lease a part of the computing capacity of the Genesis Mining farm. Users receive the first revenue within an hour after purchasing a capacity package.

Genesis Mining is one of the largest companies in the world dealing with cryptocurrency and blockchain, along with such giants as HashFlare, BitFury, Kraken, BitLicence, and others. Until 2014, the capacities of the company’s data center allowed not to attract investors onboard and profit on their own.

How Does It Work?

So how does genesis mining work? The process of quite simple. Once they receive your payment, they are going to create a contract for you, and after that, you can start earning. Based on your preferences specified in your contract, you get to either mine Bitcoin, DASH, LTC, Zcash or Ethereum. You also get an opportunity to use your brand-new capacities to mine other cryptocoins, and choose a specific allocation for them. For example, you can allocate 60% to LTC, 20% to BTC and 20% to DOGE. On average, your first genesis mining profit will appear in your wallet after 48 hours after which, a daily genesis mining payout will follow.

Pricing – Types Of Pricing

In connection with genesis mining pricing, for each cryptocurrency, there are four tariff plans differing from each other in terms of cost and capacity. The “Gold” package for Bitcoin acquisition costs $30 per month, and a buyer is provided with 200 GH / s. The “Platinum” package will cost $350 for 2,500 GH / s for the same time period. The “Diamond” package will cost you $1950 for 15 000 GH / s. The service does not charge additional genesis mining fees for electricity and does not charge commissions above the cost of the package.

During the sales period, users are given bonus Bitcoin, which they can spend only on the rental of computing power. If none of the packages suits you, you can use an individual one by creating your own settings. If you need more than 10,000 GH / s, contact Technical Support to create a service contract, which is a quite straightforward procedure indeed.

How to Start Mining

You can start to mine cryptocurrencies on this cloud service having only $26 in your pocket. That is the cost of the cheapest contract, which will enable you to become an owner of 100 Gh / s. We think it is a good value for money.

It can not be said that this service is the most profitable in the cloud-based cryptocurrency domain. Profit ranges from 80 to 150% yearly, and in the case of a drop in the price of Bitcoin, then even less. However, high income is not yet a guarantee of your success, if it irregular or unstable. This particular platform is distinguished by stable work and regular payments, which in the end, are much more profitable than other high-yield short-lived companies are.

Another aspect that attracts users is the opportunity to earn money immediately after signing a contract. And we want to emphasize the passive earnings. Basically, you are not forced to manage anything. All you have to do is visit the platform from time to time to be sure of automatic replenishment of your account with the extracted Bitcoins. If you choose to mine other cryptocurrencies, you can manually control this process by adjusting the capacities and choosing the most profitable digital currencies, the income of which will also appear on your balance sheet in the form of bitcoins.


This concludes our genesis mining review.

Is genesis mining legit? We believe that the platform deserves your attention for several reasons. The first and very important factor is the friendly and open attitude of the project team to its clients.

The second factor is the dynamic development of the service. The developers do not stop their work on improving the platform, as they constantly revise the list of cryptocurrencies and algorithms introducing new types of payment, etc.

In addition, you can also look for some genesis mining promo code on the web if you want to save up a little bit on your first package.